Buy your Home Vs Build your Home: Which is Really Better?

Buy your home Vs Build your home.  So you’ve reached a point in your life where you feel comfortable in terms of finances and all other aspects of life. Whether it’s just you, with a partner, or even a family, you might be in a position where you’re looking to buy a...

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What are Building Permits in Queensland?

If you’ve researched building your own home or even renovating your existing home, you will have heard people talking about the dreaded building permits. Essentially, this is permission granted by the relevant authorities to ensure you don’t go against any laws,...

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10 Tips for Young Families when building their Dream Home

Dream Home - As a young family, there are certainly exciting times ahead and you are undoubtedly eager to keep growing in this tough world. By reading this, it suggests you are looking to move home and there is good news for you; now is the perfect time to build your...

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Should You Buy OR Build Your Dream Home

Buy or Build New - In life, everyone seems to have different goals whether it regards their career, home, personal life, etc. However, you can categorise these goals and suddenly they are all the same; a well-paying job, a healthy relationship, and a dream home....

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How Do I Choose the Right Brisbane Home Builder?

Brisbane Home Builder - Whether you are building a new home in Brisbane or simply having some renovations done, there are very few decisions more important than choosing the builder themselves. After all, they will be taking charge of the project and ensuring that the...

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5 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Builder

Ask Your Builder – Whether you are having your own home built or just some simple renovations, there are certain questions you need to ask your builder. So you make the right decisions moving forward, we have a brief guide here today!   How Do I Pay? – First and...

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Trying to Choose a Building Designer? Here are 5 Great Tips!

If you have decided to build your own home or even a building for your business, you will need to get in contact with a building designer at some point. As a professional with years of experience, they will help guide you through the process, advise what would work,...

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Why Should a Fixed Price Building Contract Matter to You?

Fixed Price Building contract - In the building world, the majority of builders use an industry standard building contract from Master Builders or HIA that have been used for many years and come with the support from each of these industry leaders. Contracts can...

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Why is Your Relationship with Your Builder So Important!?

Whether you are currently renovating your existing home or building your new home from scratch, your relationship with your builder is essential. Throughout these processes, it can be a stressful time but luckily you have the professional knowledge and experience to...

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How to Easily Find the Best Custom Home Builder in Brisbane

When making the decision to build and find the best custom home builder Brisbane, it can be an exciting time. Above all else, knowing that you will soon be living in a house perfect for your needs and customized to your requirements can be something to look forward...

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Should I Renovate My Existing Home or Build New?

For many years, there has been one question dominating the housing industry - should I renovate or build new?   Over time, the answer to this question has evolved slightly and there are some key considerations for both options which we will show you here today....

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How To Find Your Dream Block Of Land

When attempting to search for a new home, choosing the right block of land can potentially be more important than the house that will be built on it. For this reason, it is vital that you make the right decision and consider some key factors.   Location - The...

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