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Dream Projects & Properties was co-founded in October 2015 by Thomas Anderson & Skye Clements with the aim to disrupt the building industry by creating a new, higher class of building experiences.

After continuously hearing the horror stories from their friends, family and colleagues about their own building experiences, the ambitious couple decided that something had to change for the better. And now.

Seeking continuous mentorship and business development courses, Tom & Skye are on a road to success. Having an itch for innovation as well as holding different strengths to balance each other’s weaknesses, their self-awareness is a key factor in forward growth for the brand ‘Dream Projects & Properties.’

Tom & Skye have the motivation, desire and valued ethics to ensure each project, no matter how small or big, is of the highest standards and has exceptional attention to detail in every aspect, ensuring the experience is as joyful and stress-free as absolutely possible.


Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson

Director / Builder

Country born and bred, Tom grew up with the qualities of working hard and always going the extra mile for someone. From a young age, he had a knack for wanting to build and create things. Completing his carpentry apprenticeship in a small country town gave Tom building experience in all aspects of construction. Later finding his passion for Custom Designed Homes and Developments led Tom to the city to find his beautiful partner Skye. Their strengths now combined into a winning team known as Dream Projects & Properties. Tom is the principal builder for the company, not afraid to get his hands dirty you will find him involved in all aspects of building and designing your new home.

Skye Clements

Skye Clements


Skye grew up with her home being a new renovation project every few years. Not even realising having a passion for property, Skye would collect the weekly magazine and study everything in the area. After meeting Tom, she realised she knew the price range of each suburb throughout Melbourne and understood the market in detail. As Tom was a carpenter and studying to be a Builder, Skye realised they had so much potential to each other for a business involving their passions. Skye is very practical and has a realistic approach to business and property. Skye also holds great organisational skills and will usually be your first point of contact.

To find out more about our building process, head over to Our Process page!

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